A GentleBrook Success Story: Crystal

Finding a job had proved to be challenging for Crystal, which left her feeling discouraged. She applied for jobs she knew she could excel at, but was continually turned down. Crystal is confined to a wheelchair because of a disability – this disability is unfortunately the first thing that many see, rather than seeing her many abilities and her upbeat, positive personality.  With the support of GentleBrook, Crystal has now worked at The Front Porch Store for 10 months and said she is thrilled to have the chance to work in the community. Crystal said working at the store has been her way of giving back to society.

“It’s an awesome feeling to feel wanted and needed. And feeling like people are depending on you instead of you depending on someone else,” Crystal said. “That feels awesome.”

Despite Crystal’s disability, she has such an optimistic outlook on life. “Even though I don’t have the use of my legs, I am still so blessed,” Crystal said. “God has blessed me to be able to do many things, and I’m so grateful. Sometimes we have to realize how blessed we truly are. I have family and friends who love me, and God has blessed me to achieve many things. I sit here blessed and grateful today and every day.”

With your support, GentleBrook will continue to succeed at helping individuals with disabilities.