Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment creates opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We assist each individual in finding a job that matches their abilities, experience, and interests.  On-going job coaching and worksite monitoring provides supports to both the individual and the employer to ensure success and satisfaction.

Through our program we provide:

  • Job Exploration: a pre-screening and discovery process, assists each individual in deciding what jobs they are best suited for based on abilities and interests.
  • Job Development & Search Assistance: finding employers with open positions and matching individuals to the work setting.
  • On-the-Job Training, Coaching & Support: training and supports to assist with successful job placement.
  • Individual Benefit: person-centered with natural supports, all while working in the community
  • Employer Benefit: pre-screened applicants, reduced training costs, less turnover, and community recognition

Call 330-877-2041 (Option 5)  for more information about our Supported Employment Program