The Front Porch Café in Hartville

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Specialty Drinks
and Food Items

The café has a unique farm-to-table approach that includes creating an atmosphere with a variety of uses – a quick cup of coffee or meal, a meeting place or a relaxing stop for dessert.

The café worked closely with Paul Kurtz, a coffee house and coffee sourcing expert, to source coffee beans from various countries. This direct sourcing of coffee beans works with farmers, allowing GentleBrook to create a farm-to-roast approach.

Roasting our own coffee at the café creates an enticing aroma and an interactive atmosphere, while the farm-to-table salad bar is closely aligned with GentleBrook’s horticultural program. The existing program can supply many of the vegetables for the salad bar. This approach truly incorporates a farm-to-table concept. To supplement the coffee and salad bar, the café will also offer freshly made sandwiches, soups and desserts.

The primary objective of The Front Porch Café is to provide fulfilling work opportunities for clients and for the greater community. GentleBrook’s goal is connecting people and community and the café helps accomplish just that.

The Front Porch Café
936 West Maple
Hartville, Ohio 44632

**New Hours**  effective May 2, 2016
Monday – Friday   6am –  9pm
Saturday             7am  –  7pm
Sunday               Closed

Live Music

We love to have live music featured in the cafe.  If you are interested in performing please complete the form below and a team member will be in touch with you

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Front Porch Cafe