Day Array Services

GentleBrook’s Day Array Services offer a comprehensive learning experience in a safe, integrated setting for individuals who have developmental disabilities. Each service challenges individuals to grow beyond their comfort zones and reach their highest potentials.

The goals of GentleBrook’s Day Array Services are:

  1. To prepare each individual with the work readiness skills to hold a community-based internship or job through GentleBrook’s Supported Employment Program
  2. To supply training and resources to live an independent life

In GentleBrook’s Day Array Services, individuals have the opportunity to practice health and fitness, retail and culinary customer service, light manufacturing, and horticulture. These services take place at the various locations on GentleBrook’s campus campus, including:

To learn more about GentleBrook’s Day Array Services, call 330-877-2041 (Option 3).