GentleBrook Academies

GentleBrook Academies offer learning and training opportunities for adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. There are three individual academies:

Academy of Fine Arts
A classroom-based program for people eligible for services intellectual and/or developmental services. This program consists of five components: Soft Skills, Music Appreciation, Music Theatre/Dance, Art and Signed English, a combination of American Sign Language and English. The program takes place at our Hartville Church of the Brethren location and is enhanced with appropriate, unique community learning opportunities. TO LEARN MORE about the Academy of Fine Arts, call Taelor Gates at 330-327-6277.

A.B.L.Ex. Academy
The A.B.L.Ex. Academy focuses on helping participants with reading, writing and enhancing their soft skills. The program follows a curriculum that uses classroom and community experiences to help improve literacy and develop the skills needed to interact with others within multiple environments/settings. TO LEARN MORE about the A.B.L.Ex Academy and eligibility requirements, call Taelor Gates at 330-327-6277.

Transitional YOUth Academy
Our Transitional YOUth Academy is a four-year classroom-based program with community exploration open to high school graduates who are working towards gaining greater independence in vocational, educational and/or independent living skills. Participants in the Transitional YOUth Academy will be exposed to educational information and work-related areas in: General health, Agriculture/Horticulture/Animal Science and Information Technology, and Food Service. The program includes hands-on experience at GentleBrook Greenhouse & Farm and other community settings as these opportunities exist or become available. TO LEARN MORE about the Transitional YOUth Academy and eligibility requirements, call Taelor Gates at 330-327-6277

GentleBrook Support Services

GentleBrook provides support services to participants on a daily basis that is designed to offer person-centered, vocational skills development and learning opportunities in animal science, agriculture, and horticulture. This takes place at GentleBrook Greenhouse & Farm in Hartville, Ohio and is separate from our academy style programs. We are planning to open a new site to provide support services that will provide vocational skills training and/or adult day support in a barn, adjacent to GentleBrook Greenhouse & Farm. This program will offer participants an opportunity to learn about, and tend to, small animals such as rabbits, goats, and chickens. TO LEARN MORE about the Barn/Farm/Greenhouse support services and eligibility requirements, call Taelor Gates at 330-327-6277.

GenCore 55+
This senior’s offers support, and meaningful, person-centered activities and community integration opportunities for people age 55+ with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The program provides participants with the opportunity to express their interests, while encouraging a lifestyle that stresses wholeness of mind, body and spirit throughout their retirement and senior years. TO LEARN MORE about the GenCore 55+ and eligibility requirements, call Taelor Gates at 330-327-6277.

Start Toward Emerging Possibilities (STEP)
STEP is an alternative to services in day habilitation centers. This program is designed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) and can be delivered in a variety of ways- in a person’s home, in person integrated settings, or via teleservice. GentleBrook currently offers in-home STEP services that includes activities such as
• recreation or exercise to keep participants active
• exploration online for educational opportunities
• preparation for community participation
• preparation for possible return to day service centers
• explanations and practical safety application concerning COVID-19 and the necessary precautions
• activities that follow ADS and VH service definitions as outlined in a participant’s service plan.
• Community inclusion opportunities are provided (as resources exist and health and safety can be ensured)
TO LEARN MORE about the STEP program and eligibility requirements, call Taelor Gates at 330-327-6277.